Using technology to enable access to education and careers for all, globally

Route2work is a social impact business and a digital, full-service education, qualifications and careers provider. It focuses on getting talent into work or accelerating the careers of those already in work by offering world class digitised educational content, industry standard and vendor-based qualifications and interviews with our employment partners on graduation.

About us

We get talent into work. A significant number of our students come from disadvantaged inner city backgrounds, we also help career changers, ex-military, graduates, back to work mums and all talent that really want to change their lives and follow their passion and without route2work they would never be able to access the careers that we can offer them via our digitised ecosystem-based education, qualification and employment offerings.

route2work works with brands such as The Training Room & Infinity Global.IO who deliver educational and career based opportunities for all, creating a level playing field for talent to access careers of their dreams. prepares passionate, undiscovered talent for meaningful careers via world-class technology.

There’s a lot that’s revolutionary in what we do. We’re a strategic partner for our corporate clients; an end-to-end talent acquisition, development & management solution rather than a tactical supplier, all delivered within a single digital ecosystem comprised of content, services, software and devices, enabling the growth of both talent and employers alike.

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The Training Room focus on creating and connecting talent through employer-led, full-service training courses.

The Training Room make a difference; powering peoples’ potential and helping them to realise their career aspirations - whilst working with top employers and brands across multiple industries to bridge their ever growing skills gaps. The outcome is simple – a positive economic impact on both businesses who need the right skills for accelerated growth and job seekers requiring a career launchpad. A true social impact mission.

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